Letter and Word List Formatting

Word Game Builder supports custom languages. Letters and words can be imported in the interface through the use of comma-separated (CSV) files.


Each letter should be formatted as follows with a new line for each letter.

[Display Letter],[character code],[point value]
  • Display letter: the visual letter that the player sees
  • Character code: any single Unicode character (the machine representation of the letter)
  • Point value: the default point value of the letter (for automatic score calculation)

Word List

The word list is comma separated (without any new lines) and should use the character codes corresponding to each letter.

WGB uses character-based search because it's much quicker than multi-character letters (with less ambiguity between things like "c" and "ch"). We support multi-character letters since the actual displayed letter can be different than the character code.

For example, in the default Spanish word list, we represent "LL" with a "1", and replace occurrences of "LL" in the word list with that (where appropriate).

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