Creating Physics 2D Extensions components

Physics 2D Extensions adds a number of new components to Unity. You can find all of them under Component > Physics 2D > Extended JointsComponent > Physics 2D > Controllers, and Component > Physics 2D > Other.

Extended Joints

Extended joints work like Unity's physics joints - they provide a constraint of motion between two rigidbodies. These components should be placed on one of the two rigidbodies they affect. Joints can also be fixed to the world by not providing a second body. Extended joints have break points, break events, and automatic anchoring.

Physics Controllers

Controllers apply a set of constraints to an entire group of rigidbodies, and only affect a certain area. Controllers can be added to objects with or without rigidbodies. They are used to represent forces like wind and buoyancy.

The Controller Filter is a component that allows more fine-grained control over whether a body will be affected by a controller. This component requires a Rigidbody2D to be present.

Other Components

Drag Control component is included, for dragging rigidbodies around with mouse or touch input.

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