Scroll layers and scroll layer modes

Thinkscroller has three modes of operation : Automatic billboard layers, UV scrolling layers, and object layers.

Automatic Billboard Layer

This is the default mode of operation. It automatically creates a billboard (camera-facing mesh) and scrolls the UVs of a texture placed on it. Only orthographic cameras are officially supported in this mode.

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UV Scrolling Layer

If Auto Billboard is disabled, Thinkscroller can scroll the textures on a mesh. To use this mode, disable auto billboard, and then specify a mesh renderer to use. This mode can be used to scroll on custom meshes, or scroll multiple textures (in the same shader) at the same time, like normal maps or mask textures.

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Object Layer

Object layers are commonly used with a 2D sprite management system, or Unity's 2D sprites. Object layers scroll the transform of an object instead of the UVs of a texture. As such, it is up to the user to manage any sprite tiling. A common workflow is to set up a sprite based layer under a parent object, and use an object layer to scroll the parent.

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