Word Game Builder event system

Word Game Builder fires several events at different times.

Events can be bound through the inspector and can be saved with objects. Delegates can also be added to events at runtime. All Word Game Builder events are multicast.

In event callbacks that have been called by Word Game Builder components, static properties can be accessed under the WGBEvent class in order to get more information about the current event.

Events from Word Game Builder components will always execute on the main thread, and are queued (events will never be called within the callback of another event).

List of Events

Letter Tile

  • On Tile Change
  • On Tile Spawn
  • On Tile Select

Tile Pool

  • On Tile Distribution

Wildcard Tile Manager

  • On Wildcard Tile Select

Word Game Player

  • On Word Result

Word Game Agent

  • On Find Words

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