Word Game Builder installation

Importing the Package

Before installing Word Game Builder, make sure that there are no compiler errors in your project. Extract the Word Game Builder package into your Assets folder - make sure to include all files.

Installing Word Game Builder

Once the package has been extracted, a window will appear. Follow the instructions in the install window to complete the installation. If you accidentally close the window or do not see an installation window, please go to Window > Word Game Builder > Install Word Game Builder.

Note: Word Game Builder will add a WGB-UserSettings folder to the main Asset folder. This folder will contain various user settings and can be preserved through version upgrades.

Uninstalling Word Game Builder

Word Game Builder should always be uninstalled prior to upgrading. To uninstall Word Game Builder, remove the following folders:

C# installation

  • Assets/Word Game Builder
  • Assets/WGB-UserSettings (optional)

JavaScript installation

  • Assets/Word Game Builder
  • Assets/Plugins/Word Game Builder
  • Assets/WGB-UserSettings (optional)

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